Building specification and guidelines

DHA specification and guidelines suite

This specification and guidelines suite provides guidance to the construction industry on what DHA aims to achieve by providing the industry with a clear understanding of DHA’s minimum standards.

DHA Specification

The DHA Specification is a detailed, prescriptive type specification to assist builders and designers with the key acceptable construction principles that may be utilised in the construction of DHA houses. It is based on NATSPEC and amended to incorporate DHA's requirements. It aims to provide clarity on how the key design principles can be practically achieved and improve quality through inclusion of DHA’s Inspection Test and Conformity Plan templates.

View the DHA Specification (PDF 1.6MB)

DHA Design Guidelines

The DHA Design Guidelines intend to provide a concise document that captures all of the current DHA and Defence requirements in relation to design and construction, and to provide a national standardised benchmark for DHA housing including landscaping. It is a nationally applicable document that accounts for varying geographical and climatic conditions across Australia, and provides clarity for design and construction requirements based on their relevance to the region and site classification.

The document also provides dwelling design guidance to tenderers through example floor plans for a range of lots, to add clarity to the intended design principles described within the document.

View the DHA Design Guidelines (PDF 16MB)

DHA Property Checklist

The DHA Property Checklist offers a summary of key requirements that are outlined in the DHA Guidelines and DHA Specification. It is cross-referenced against the DHA Design Guidelines and allows tenderers to quickly reference the mandatory and desirable elements outlined in the DHA specification and guidelines suite. It will form part of the tender returnable and will be used throughout the design, tender and construction phases to ensure the key design and construction principles are achieved.

View the DHA Property Checklist (PDF 224kB)