Maintenance contractors

At Defence Housing Australia (DHA), we provide quality housing and related services to Defence members and families. In doing this, we support the operational, recruitment and retention goals of the Department of Defence.

To meet our Defence housing obligations, DHA manages three Residential Maintenance Services (RMS) panels, which provides routine maintenance and emergency repair services to the DHA housing portfolio across 36 trades.

We appoint contractors to our panel via Austender through our rolling tender program. We recommend prospective contractors to register on Austender and to set up notifications in order not to miss our next tender release. 

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DHA’s Residential Maintenance Service Panels        

Trade Group 1
Trade Group 2
Trade Group 3
Asbestos  Air conditioning refrigerated
 Floor coverings
 Air conditioning evaporative
Floor covering cleaning
 Alarm security
 Grounds maintenance
 Appliance electrical
 Garage doors
 Gutter cleaning
 Appliance gas
 Landscaping  Electrical  Locksmiths
 Painting  Gas heating
 Pest control
 Property cleaning
 Hot water services
 Smoke alarm maintenance
 Plumbing gas
 Ceramic tiling
 Sprinkler maintenance
 Plumbing roof
 Roof tiling
 Tree surgery
 Plumbing sanitary & drainage
 Waterproofing  Pool maintenance
 Window furnishings
 TV Antennas