How to buy a DHA investment property

Step 1. Register with DHA

  1. Complete the registration form or contact DHA on 133 342.
  2. A DHA Sales Consultant will contact you to guide you through the sales process.

Step 2. Obtain finance pre-approval

  1. Provide written finance pre-approval from your Bank/Broker, or evidence of sufficient funds to settle the property, to your DHA Sales Consultant.

Step 3. View properties for sale

  1. View the properties released for sale. Properties are released every second Tuesday.

Step 4. Select the property you wish to purchase

  1. Advise your DHA Sales Consultant once you have found the DHA investment property for you.
  2. Your DHA Sales Consultant will enter you into the fortnightly ballot. The ballot takes place every second Thursday, nine days after the properties are released.
  3. Consider which Solicitor or Conveyancer you will use to assist you in purchasing a property.

Step 5. Property placed on hold

If you have been successful in the ballot, the DHA property will be placed on hold for seven days. During this time you will need to:

  1. Pay the holding deposit ($2,000)
    Note: the deposit for DHA properties in South Australia is paid upon confirmation of finance.
  2. Complete the Purchaser Information form supplied by your DHA Sales Consultant.

Step 6. Purchase

Contract process begins:

  1. DHA Sales Consultant will submit the Sales Advice to your Solicitor.
  2. It is recommended you arrange a building and pest inspection, prior to settlement.
  3. Finalise and confirm your finance.
  4. Sign and return contracts via Solicitors.
  5. You are required to arrange building, landlord insurance and public liability insurance for no less then $10,000,000.00.
  6. Settlement occurs, typically this takes seven weeks from the date the sales advice is issued.

Take the first step

Our sales consultants can help guide you through buying an investment property with DHA.

To get started call us on 133 342 or enquire online.

This information is intended to provide general information only. DHA does not accept responsibility for any inaccuracy or actions taken in reliance on this information. DHA may alter its sales process; revise details of a property, sale price, weekly rent or lease term; delay a sale; withdraw a property from sale; and may sell a property to another person at its discretion. Investment is subject to DHA's lease terms and conditions of sale. Investors retain some responsibilities and risks. Prospective investors should seek independent advice.