The Dickinson family

"HomeFind is that extra tool up our sleeve
it provides us with more options"

The Dickinson family

Force: NAVY

Jordan Dickinson, his wife Alisa, and their beautiful two-year old daughter Rosie live in a DHA home in Townsville.

They admit that they’ve been spoilt with ‘The Strand’, Townsville’s waterfront parkland, right at their back doorstep – and a pool in their complex.

"We chose this home for its location, definitely. It’s nice to be so close to the action and it makes it pretty easy to get around with a little one," says Alisa.

"Rosie was only young at the time and it was good because the home was small enough that she could be reasonably contained. But now that she’s getting that bit older, we’re ready to replace the famous Strand for some space for her to run around in the backyard." 

"I know that’s prime real estate but we’re hoping we find it on our new posting to Nowra," says Jordan. "It’s peak posting at the moment though; there’s a lot of families on the move and there’s not a lot [of housing] available - on DHA’s HomeFind or in the private market," he says.

"At least HomeFind is that extra tool up our sleeve; it provides us with more options than the average home seeker. At the end of the day we’re confident it’ll work out, it always seems to."

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