Bulk, Group or course bookings

Policy relating to Living-in Accommodation (LIA) is determined by the Department of Defence and is outlined on the ADF Pay and Conditions site.

Bookings up to 3 people can be made as individual transit bookings via DHA’s Online Services (click LIA and Apply for Someone Else). 

To make a booking for larger groups you need to have Administrator access as a Course Coordinator for the relevant base. Approval for this access is sent to DHA from the Base Manager.

If the booking is for a base where you do not hold the relevant authority send an online enquiry with the details on Online Services. The request needs to include a name for the booking, number of attendees, rank and gender of attendees, dates and base location. Attendee names must be entered prior to arrival, but rooms can be held without these details initially.

Defence have advised that all LIA bookings must contain attendee details prior to an attendee's arrival on base.  This will ensure:

  • key packs are ready on arrival - bases may not issue keys without this information;
  • correct occupants are held responsible for the condition of the room(s);
  • occupant safety and base security requirements are met, particularly for emergencies; and 
  • accurate management of LIA contributions.

Bookings without attendee details may be cancelled.  Further, users who do not comply with this Defence directive may have their administrator access as a course coordinator removed from Online Services.

You can add attendee details to the booking via Online Services (LIA Administration tab and Your Bulk Bookings). If you have received a reminder email advising that you have not yet added attendees to the booking, a link to the booking will be contained in the email. 

To add multiple attendees, copy and paste the details into the attendee box in the bulk booking details screen. If you require assistance, submit an enquiry via Online Services.

If you have the relevant administrator access, you can amend the start and end dates of the booking as well as the number of attendees via Online Services (LIA Administration then Your Bulk Bookings, then modify). If you do not have the relevant access, you will need to submit an enquiry via Online Services.

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