Living-in Accommodation

About Live In Accommodation

Live in Accommodation (LIA) is for Defence members who need accommodation at a Defence base. Your stay may be temporary or permanent or may be part of a group/course booking.

How to book LIA

You can book a short or long term LIA room for yourself or another member via your Online Services account. Click on LIA and Apply for Me or Apply for Someone Else.

If you are attending a course, in most instances LIA will be booked for you by your course manager, and your room allocation will appear in your Online Services account. Please refer to your course instructions to ascertain if you are required to make your own LIA booking.

If you are working on base in a position that requires you to book LIA for personnel, you will need both an Online Services account and additional role access to the LIA Booking & Allocation Service. You will need authority from your CO or base management team for this access.

If you don’t have an account or need additional role access, please fill out the online enquiry form under 'My account' in Online Services.

When you arrive

Keys are available after 2pm usually from the base accommodation office/LEAP Concierge. If you arrive out of hours, keys may be left at a Duty Room or Pass Office. Please refer to the Base Guide link in your confirmation email for further details.

Housekeeping requests such as linen, cleaning and maintenance are performed by the base accommodation office or LEAP Concierge.

You can pay for your meals casually at the Mess. If you wish for meal charges to be deducted automatically from your pay, this is actioned through your PM Keys employee self-service. Please call 1800 DEFENCE if you have any questions.

How you contribute to LIA

In accordance with PACMAN Chapter 7 Part 4, you must contribute to the cost of your LIA, unless you are exempt.

The amount you pay depends on:
  • your rank
  • how many beds are in the room
  • the facilities provided in the accommodation

When you check in, we’ll give Defence payroll the information they need to work out if you are required to contribute.

You can find contribution rates in 7.4.B of the Defence Pay and Conditions Manual (PACMAN).

Defence determines the rates and reviews them each year.

Who may not need to contribute

You may not need to contribute to LIA if:

  • you stay in a room that has 4 or more beds
  • you need LIA temporarily for:
    • service reasons, and you have a permanent residence elsewhere
    • basic recruit training
  • you’re a Member with Dependants Unaccompanied (MWDU)
  • you’re a member without dependants (MWOD) and are currently deployed
  • you’re a MWOD and are living:
    • under field conditions
    • on a seagoing ship
    • on a submarine
Defence payroll will automatically manage the start and end of these periods. You may be required to contribute to utilities while you live in LIA.

Why you may need to contribute more

You may pay a higher contribution if you:

  • take leave without pay
  • have other suitable accommodation in your posting location, but live in LIA

If you take leave without pay, Defence will tell us how long your approved leave is for. We will advise Defence Pay the room type you occupy, so they can decide the contribution you need to pay.

Book LIA using Online Services

Contacting DHA

If you need to get in contact with us, simply fill out an online enquiry form by visiting 'My account' in Online Services.

If you have an urgent enquiry, you can call us on 139 342.