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Green Star

A unique collaboration

The Prince’s Terrace Adelaide was a collaboration between like-minded organisations DHA, The Prince’s Trust Australia and Renewal SA, who share a vision to promote sustainable residential development.

The Terrace was the first residential project in Australia to receive a ‘6 Star Green Star’ design rating from the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) in the ‘Design and As Built V1.1 2015’ category, and is the highest rated 6-Star project in South Australia (SA).

The Terrace encapsulates innovation and world leadership in sustainable design, with an emphasis on local, low-carbon materials and trades. Every fixture, fitting, product and supplier used in the building complies with Green Star criteria to reduce hidden emissions. A list of the suppliers and manufacturers used throughout construction is available for download here (PDF 44.88 KB).

The design

  • Featured 8 terraces and 4 mews apartments.
  • Utilised building modelling and sustainability analysis.
  • Integrated passive design to drive greater thermal comfort and to maximise natural daylight and natural cross ventilation.
  • Incorporated low-carbon lessons learnt in the United Kingdom.
  • Focused on liveability and indoor-outdoor living.

The build

  • Integrated sustainable technologies including LED lighting and photovoltaic solar panels.
  • Emphasised local trades and suppliers.
  • Emphasised local, low-carbon materials, including:
    • locally made concrete with blast furnace slag content
    • local granite
    • 100-year-old bricks salvaged from heritage demolition sites
    • Zego foam blockwork
    • locally manufactured paver, and
    • locally fabricated wrought iron balustrades.
  • Used recycled storm water for non-potable purposes.
  • Used high-efficiency water fittings.
  • Measured embodied and operational carbon footprint and carbon savings throughout building lifespan via full life-cycle analysis.
  • Tracked all of the above and more through the Green Star ‘As Built’ process to ensure that the vision for the project translated to reality.

The benefits

  • Emphasised healthy living including natural daylight and ventilation, good acoustics, low VOC materials.
  • Focused on the holistic design, which translates to lower utility bills and greater thermal comfort.
  • Showcased compact living with no compromise on lifestyle or comfort.
  • Used quality building materials designed for longevity and durability.
  • Used local materials which means more jobs are created locally and less emissions are produced transporting goods.
  • Focused on procuring certified materials, which showcases transparency and also advances the market for sustainable materials.
  • Located in the Bowden community, which promotes car-free living, with great access to amenities on foot/bike and public transport.

The results

  • First residential GBCA 6 Star Green Star design rated project in Australia (Design and As-Built V1.1 2015 category).
  • First multi-unit residential complex in Australia to receive 6-Star Green Star ‘As Built’ rating.
  • Highest rated Green Star project in SA (in any category).
  • Uses 50% less energy than a typical urban townhouse*.
  • Uses 50% less potable water than a typical urban townhouse*.
  • Reduces carbon emissions by 50% in comparison to a standard residential build.
  • Recycled 95% of waste—that’s tonnes of construction waste saved from landfill.
  • Reduces electricity bills by $1,000 annually*.
  • Supported 230 local trades and/or suppliers throughout the build.
  • Achieved an average NatHERS rating of 7.2 stars.
  • Building costs to achieve the 6 Star Green Star accreditation (above standard industry practice) was an increase of approx. 6%.

* Anticipated results based on full life-cycle analysis.

The Prince's Terrace

Green Building Council of Australia
Design and As Built V1.1 2016
Completed December 2017

6 star DA 1.1 2015


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Suppliers and manufacturers

A list of the suppliers and manufacturers used throughout construction is available for download here (PDF 44.88 KB).