Sustainable housing

DHA is committed to developing sustainable communities and has developed the first two residential projects in Australia to achieve 6 Star Green Star design certification from the Green Building Council of Australia.

Additionally, nine DHA projects have earned 6 Leaf EnviroDevelopment accreditation from the Urban Development Institute of Australia.
DHA Sustainable housing
DHA Sustainable housing
DHA Sustainable housing


All our homes are designed for the climate in which they are located. Our award-winning tropical demonstration house in the Northern Territory features:

  • solar orientation and design to ventilate and cool the home
  • covered outdoor areas to maximise living space
  • landscaping to shade areas of the home exposed to strong easterly and westerly sunlight.


Where possible, our new homes are designed to make use of natural airflows and solar orientation to decrease the need for artificial heating and cooling.

We apply practices in our construction process such as:

  • using materials that are suited to the local climate and weather, and have less impact on the environment
  • working with local providers to source building materials, and landscaping supplies. This reduces the environmental impact of long-haul transport and helps build links with the local community
  • ensuring outdoor areas within our developments are landscaped to complement native and local flora.
DHA Development - Breezes Muirhead
DHA Development - Breezes Muirhead

We focus on five key areas

  • low energy consumption
  • low water consumption
  • effective waste management
  • human wellbeing
  • biodiversity of local flora and fauna

We've gone green

Since 1 July 2010, all of our new housing has been built to a minimum six star energy rating (NatHERS). Where possible, our new housing complies with the Australian Government's Livable Housing Design Guidelines - Silver Level.

We're committed to designing and constructing sustainable housing. All of our homes are built to achieve a minimum six-star Energy Efficiency Rating.