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About our surveys

Your thoughts and opinions on the services we provide are important to us. Each year we conduct a number of surveys with tenants in Defence housing and lessors to measure the levels of satisfaction with our products and services. We use these results to target areas of our business for improvement.

Surveys also measure DHA’s performance against Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). We are required to report specific results to our shareholder ministers, to our Defence Contract Manager and to the public via our annual report. The annual report is tabled in Parliament on a set date each year.

Partners and spouses of ADF members may complete the surveys.

Your privacy is important to us

  • Data collection is carried out by an Australian contractor and all personal information is stored in Australia at all times. The contractor abides by Federal Government Privacy Principles and is a member of the Australian Market and Social Research Society (AMSRS). This contractor acts on DHA’s behalf.
  • Results do not identify individuals or individual responses.
  • All surveys are designed and managed by staff qualified and experienced in survey methodology.

Our current surveys

Tenant surveys

DHA conducts several surveys throughout the year with our tenants. The results of these surveys are used to improve our housing solutions for Defence members and their families, and ensure maintenance requests are attended to appropriately.

Annual Tenant survey
The Annual Tenant survey is conducted each May, and measures the satisfaction of Defence members with their housing conditions. This is conducted  via post or online survey, and involves members who have:

  • lived in the same Service Residence for at least twelve months;
  • occupied the same Rent Band Choice property for the past twelve months; or
  • moved into a newly acquired or newly constructed property during the past twelve months.

The Maintenance survey
The Maintenance survey measures tenant satisfaction with invoiced maintenance. The survey also ensures maintenance is completed to a satisfactory standard. Randomly selected Defence members living in a Service Residence are surveyed by phone throughout the year.

The Housing survey
The Housing survey measures satisfaction with housing for Defence members who have recently relocated into or from a Service Residence. Approximately six weeks after relocating, members or spouses will be contacted via phone.

The Welcome Visit survey
The Welcome Visit survey measures the satisfaction with the property for Defence members relocating into a Service Residence. It is conducted during the Welcome Visit inspection at the property.

The Living-In Accommodation (LIA) online booking system survey
The Living-In Accommodation (LIA) online booking system survey measures Defence member satisfaction with the online booking service. Members who have booked LIA accommodation through the online booking system may be contacted via email during the following month.

Lessor surveys

DHA conducts several surveys throughout the year with our lessors. The results of these surveys are used to improve our products and services.

Post-Purchase survey
The Post-Purchase survey measures satisfaction of new lessors with the sales process. It also explores important factors in deciding to purchase a DHA property.

Annual lessor survey
The Annual lessor survey measures satisfaction with DHA's property management service and other aspects of leasing with DHA.

End of lease survey
Have we recently handed back your property? If so, please complete a End of lease survey.

Comments and feedback

If you have any comments or feedback about DHA that is not covered by our surveys please contact us:

Assistance with surveys

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Please read our frequently asked questions or email the Surveys team.