Complaint resolution process

Our complaints resolution process is designed to ensure that matters are dealt with in a fair and timely manner.

The process provides:
  • an opportunity to have your concerns investigated
  • a clear and direct process to resolve the dispute
  • a fair and independent review, and
  • a clear explanation of any decisions.

If you have a concern or complaint in relation to any aspect of our service you should:

  1. Contact your local Regional Office (DHA RO) or Contact Centre (CC). Our staff will try to resolve any issue or complaint you raise and will provide you with a timely response.

  2. If you are not satisfied, you may ask to have the matter escalated in your local RO or CC. They will review your case, where possible, propose a resolution.

  3. If your complaint is unable to be resolved the applicable Regional Director (RD), Contact Centre Manager (CCM) or Business Line Manager (BLM), you may request a formal meeting with the RO and other relevant stakeholders.

  4. If the options at points 1 to 3 above have been exhausted without a suitable resolution having been achieved, you can further escalate your complaint by contacting DHA’s National Customer Service team by email, or call 139 342.

  5.  If you are a Defence member and not satisfied with the outcome, you can contact your Defence Relocation Housing Manager (DRHM) or you may choose to obtain an advocate through your Service chain of command. You may request your dispute be referred to the Joint Housing and Accommodation Review Committee (JHARC)* for issues relating to the provision of Service Residences, as outlined in ADF Pay and Conditions Manual (PACMAN) Volume 2 Chapter 7 Annex 7.1.

  6. If you have been unable to resolve your complaint with DHA, including a Defence member, Lessor, contractor or member of the public you may wish to contact the Commonwealth Ombudsman by email or by phoning 1300 362 072.

    * Where it is not appropriate for an issue to be escalated to the JHARC, or where an issue is not resolved by the JHARC, Defence members may submit an application in accordance with Defence Instruction (General) Personnel 34-1, Redress of Grievance - Tri Service Procedures.

    Please note that when required, our staff will consult the Defence Relocation and Housing Manager (DRHM) whose role is to ensure that the service provided by both Toll Transitions and DHA meets the standards specified in their individual contractual agreements with Defence. At any stage of the process you may consult directly with your local DRHM to seek guidance.

Need assistance?

View a list of the Defence Relocations and Housing Managers (DRHM) for your area.

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